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So Close To A Busy End, To A Very Busy Year

So Close To A Busy End, To A Very Busy Year

Dear Staff Members,

We are fast approaching the end of a busy year of events. It has not been all plain sailing but we all pulled together and made it through. We have had work varying from concerts, festivals, functions, London and football events. One of the other contracts we also held this year, which will still continue into the new year is the southeastern train stations. To all the staff that have participated, we understand that it is quite demanding and you have dealt with the demands exceptionally.

To end the year off with a big bang, as we do every year. I would like to remind you that we will be providing staff to the London fireworks for new years eve. its the highlight for many people including staff that work the event. It is a perfect moment to interact and meet people from all ages, countries and races. It’s also a great bonding moment and a way to meet staff members you may not have meet prior to the event. You can also experience magical moments like i have, when the clock hit midnight and the snow began to fall! just like something out of a film.

Look forward to seeing you there to see in the new year!!

Posted on November 18, 2016 by ikram

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